Open source technology refers to non-proprietary software that is continually developed and improved by a community of thousands of developers around the world. These systems freely disseminate their source codes and make use of open standards and interfaces.

Why Open Sources?

  • Low development cost
  • Quick implementation time
  • Flexibility and customization
  • Feature rich and extensible
  • Ever evolving and growing

Benefits of Open Source Solutions

By and large no licensing fees is required, consequentially no maintenance fees.

Once acquired, installation of the software can be done as many times as you want, and in as many locations as you need.

Being compactable and portable, it requires less of hardware power to accomplish the same tasks as in the case of conventional servers (Windows, Solaris) or workstations.

Open source applications and services are pretty extensible. Options, like load balancing, clustering, and open source applications, such as database and email, endow the organizations with considerable flexibility to scale up for new growth or consolidate and to do more with less.

Many IT companies are supporting open source with free online and multiple levels of paid support.

Break out from vendor lock-in. Vendors not only have to be paid licensing fees, it's even pretty difficult to customize software as per our specific needs, which is not the case with open source.

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