What is Google Adwords and Facebook Advert?

Campaign set up includes Ad Text, Bid Setup, Number of Keywords, Geo targeting Setup Conversion Tracking, Ad Scheduling Setup, Remarketing Campaign.

What is Campaign Management?

Banner Ads,ROI Management,Keyword Optimization, Ad Copy Optimization,Google Analytics Set-up Keyword Bid Optimization,Daily Campaign Management.

Why are we not getting Results?

Results are Based on how effective your Campaign is running based on conditions.

What is PPC service Consultation?

A/B Testing,CTR Analysis,Landing page design,Competitor Analysis Landing Page Recommendation,Landing Page optimization,Keyword Refinements (if required).

Why PPC Cost So Much?

In starting it require some amount of time to acquire Data of Your customers both in Google Adwords and Facebook Adverts and then we optimize campaign for best then it start giving you best results.

How do we provide Reporting?

Weekly Reports, Monthly Reporting, Custom Monthly Report, Initial Estimate Report